Naman is the Chief Director here. Stories move him. All he looks for, is a good script. If he doesn't find one, he goes around and starts writing one.


Once locked on a good story, he then makes sure that the script is translated to screen. 

He is focussed on making films that are experience on their own. He wants his films that stay long in people's hearts, move them and above all, Entertain them!

Also, this photo is old. He is thin now!

 Naman Soni

Director & Founder

 Rachit  Soni

Co-Founder & the 'Post'-Man

His idea of films is simple: Entertain me or give my money back.

He makes sure that the films are crisp, witty and in his words, 'paisa wasool'!

Being the Post-Man, he is super creative in kickass VFX and handling all the animation jobs. His jokes always end up being in the scripts. A mere conversation with him will give you an anecdote. 


Rachit is Naman 2.0 and more.

 Nirmal Kumar V. 

Creative Director

Wake him up at 2 am and take him anywhere in India for a shoot and he won’t even say a word. This multilingual fellow can speak up to 5 languages which means he has to handle most of the communication on the sets.

A fan of Bong Joon-ho, he watches Tamil, Malayalam, Hindi, Kannada, Telugu and English Cinema.

Dawn to dusk, we have seen the Sun getting tired, but not him. He travels a lot and that’s why he is the best person to do recce with.


He is a pure vegetarian; on Saturdays.